Exam Content

The council council writes and collaborates with specialists, where appropriate, to produce the exam content. All content is reviewed, regulated and signed off by The RSPH


The Council is comprised of expert clinicians with a wealth of experience in medical aesthetics. Their role is to quality assure curriculum frameworks and exam content

Continual Review

The council will undertake regular reviews to introduce new qualifications and to identify areas for improvement, ensuring that all content is relevant and up to date

Quality & Governance

The QCCP Council

The Qualifications Council is a body of experienced clinicians brought together to; 

Develop the competency frameworks which underpin the examinations.

Facilitate the expert input required for each examination.

Work with stakeholders, including manufacturers, suppliers, and trainers who wish to develop qualifications specific to their brand.

Ensure the subjects, content and quality of the competency frameworks and examination material submitted to The Royal Society remains current.  

Further, the council will undertake regular reviews to identify areas for improvement and ensure the range of qualifications available expand appropriately and keep abreast with new developments in the field. These reviews will form part of the quality assurance process overseen by RSPH.

The Council

Gillian Murray

Lead Council

Emma Davies

Council MEmber

Dr Lee Walker

Council Member

Dr Cormac Convery

Council Member

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