You can now teach RSPH regulated qualifications whilst maintaining complete control over the design and delivery of your courses


Deliver courses that lead to exams that are regulated by  by Britain’s longest established and most esteemed body for public health, the Royal Society For Public Health.


Becoming an RSPH approved training centre enables you to differentiate yourself and your courses from those who are unable to meet the standards


Upon RSPH approval you can design and deliver your courses in any way you choose. The framework can be delivered in its entirety or in specific modules.

Cost Effective

Becoming an RSPH approved training centre is open to all providers who are able to meet the criteria. The fee is £450 which is paid directly to RSPH.


why become an RSPH Approved Centre?

The aesthetic training landscape is flooded with practitioners offering courses without assessment of their own knowledge and skill and no accountability. Delegates are solely reliant on the quality of the marketing as opposed to objective, outcome-based deliverables.

The model of training has remained largely unchanged with one day courses which delegates can race through from beginner to advanced, focussing almost entirely on the delivery with minimal supervised practice, and any certificate will do in order to gain indemnity cover.

Experienced training providers find it increasingly difficult to remain prominent in such a saturated market. Increasing numbers of newly trained practitioners entering the training space has led to diluted course content that does not prepare delegates to practice competently.

Many training providers were hopeful of a path to differentiation when the Level 7 certificate launched in 2017 but have become disengaged due to a lack of take up and the significant investment needed of both money and time.

The QCCP offers training providers with a prestigious and meaningful platform to differentiate themselves. Only those who are able to meet the entry criteria will be eligible to apply, providing practitioners with a clearer perception as to which providers can meet the standards vs those who cannot. 

For the first time, training providers will be able to become RSPH approved centres to deliver training that leads to an RSPH regulated qualification. The model connects practitioners with training providers who are accountable, experienced, and qualified to deliver training that meets the requirements of the qualification specifications.

Once approved, training providers are able to design and deliver the specification in any way that they feel best suits the needs of their learners, offering complete control and flexibility.

The competency framework is uniquely designed to enable training providers the flexibility of delivering courses that takes new learners on a competency journey  from beginning to end or can be delivered in modules for more advanced learners with identified knowledge gaps.

What are the Benefits?

RSPH Approved Training Centres

Practitioners can access your training from a list of RSPH regulated training providers so they no longer have to rely on the brand marketing and discover when it’s too late the course failed to deliver as promised.


You maintain complete control over the design and delivery of your courses. You can deliver the entire curriculum standard and take your delegates on a complete competency journey or offer modular courses for those with identified learning needs.

Accessible & Cost Effective

Regulated training no longer has to be overly time consuming or expensive, you can now offer your delegates accessible training that leads to RSPH regulated qualifications.


The qualifications are regulated and awarded by The RSPH, a highly respected and long established society with The Queen as patron. This prestigious kitemark will set you apart from your competitors.

The Platform

The qualifications are regulated and awarded by The RSPH, a highly respected and long established society with The Queen as patron. This prestigious kitemark will set you apart from your competitors.


Any training provider may apply for centre approval via the RSPH to teach the standard curriculum for this examination. The criteria is not prohibitive and the fees are fair and reasonable.

RSPH Criteria For Approved Training Centres

Training providers must be able to meet the following criteria in order to become RSPH Approved Centres.
The fee for approval is £450 with an annual renewal fee of £125.


Tutors must be a registered doctor, dentist, independent nurse prescriber or a prescribing pharmacist.


Tutors should hold either a regulated Level 7 qualification, an MSc in aesthetic medicine or have obtained the RSPH Medical Aesthetic Certificates for each qualification they wish to teach.


Tutors must provide evidence of 5-years post-registration experience and a minimum of 5 years active practice in the field of aesthetics.

Fitness to Practice

Tutors must not be subject to pending or on-going professional disciplinary or fitness to practice hearings.


Tutors must hold valid medical indemnity insurance.

Become an RSPH Approved Centre

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